The ASP.NET MVC Framework really has captured my heart. I can't imagine ever going back to Web Forms.
The problem is, there is no way I can do it justice in a quick one-page article. No fancy screenshots that will make you want to use it. It's just a new and different way to build your ASP.NET web sites. New to Microsoft anyway. The MVC pattern has been around for ages. But, who cares? Until Scott Guthrie decided that we should have it, it simply didn't matter :)

What makes it so awesome? Here is a transcript of an IM conversation I had with our Lead Creative after our very first MVC project together:

kirstenj 8:05 AM
i sent up the layout, which is always the fun part and easiest part
then i make sure everything is styled
then i do the simplest jquery stuff
then i do the submission and jquery stuff and cross my fingers
all the stuff before that last step is a sinch

travis laborde 8:06 AM
and Model.whatever makes it easy right?

kirstenj 8:06 AM
oh yeah
esp like model checkboxes and model drop downs
the drop downs are great
b/c they're already done!

travis laborde 8:07 AM

kirstenj 8:07 AM
i just plop in the right stuff and you automagically made it work

travis laborde 8:07 AM
and THAT my friend is the beauty of MVC - because I'd say the same thing in the reverse - I just plop in the data and you automagically make it work!

kirstenj 8:08 AM

travis laborde 8:08 AM
it takes your strength and mine and puts them together

kirstenj 8:08 AM
yeah definitely



So, the creatives feel like their part is "easy" and that the developers are doing "the hard part." As a developer, I can certainly tell you that I think I have the "easy part" of this equation. The fact that the MVC Framework drives such a clear and distinct separation between Church and State ... er... Server Side and Client Side code.. it leads to a much easier workday for all involved.
Add to that the fact that it plays so nicely with javascript that Microsoft has begun to bundle jQuery with Visual Studio now. Completely awesome.