Interesting Links

Everyone knows about the blogs of the ultra-famous Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman.  There are many others too.  But I've found that a couple of feeds that I follow every day are not quite as well known, at least by the people I know :)

So, I thought them worth mentioning.  Especially since I'm having trouble writing the article I really wanted to write tonight :)

Anyway, without further adeiu, witness:


DotNetSlackers is a site with a LOT of content relevant to .NET developers.  They have forums, blogs, articles, feeds, you name it.   They aggregate content from other sites as well.  To me, the coolest thing about this site, is that when you subscribe to an RSS feed and click through to an article, you see not only the normal stuff, but a great set of "related content."

I've found SO MANY great articles just by clicking throuh the Similar Post links :)

And DZone.   (Yeah they have too many ads - that even come through Firefox OMG!  But they are all on the left there easy to ignore)

This site isn't just for .NET developers.  That's good and bad, as I see it :)  On the plus side, at least for me, I get to see content about SQL, JavaScript, etc.  And I ignore the Java posts altogether :)  You get a really cool header for each article before clicking through, showing you a snapshot of what the page looks like, and a lot of other data:

Now, there is a community around this site, where people can vote articles up or down.  I've found the community to be pretty good.  I often find myself reading the votes and comments even before reading the article itself.